New Public Homeschool FB Group

Hello, fellow homeschoolers. I’ve realized that a lot of people who are new to the homeschool community are not being added to the Loop in a timely matter, and a lot of others are not aware of its existence. Several years ago I created a website to help remedy this situation, but it has not been successful. To take its place, I have started a public facebook group called "Lake County Homeschool Share". I hope this will be as successful as the Lake Cty HS Resale page. You can find the group here:

Simply like/join the group and post to the wall to share your events.

There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day

Last night, I attended a registration meeting for the co-op group we are part of. Half of the presentation was on the topic of scheduling, or more accurately, the danger of over-scheduling. I’ve never really been a schedule person. My mom was so rigid (from what I remember) with our lives as kids, that I balked against schedules once I became a SAHM.

That worked fine when we didn’t have anything important to do during the day, but now that we’re actively schooling 2 of the kids, a schedule is a necessary evil.

The presentation piqued my interest last night because it wasn’t about a rigid hour-by-hour schedule, but more of a fluid flow to the day. The idea behind it being that we each have 24 hours in the day, and we need to allocate our time sufficiently for each item we want to accomplish for the day.

So, for example, my 8-year-old needs 11 hours of sleep or rest time, spends about 3 hours eating meals, an hour doing chores and cleaning up her messes, about 3 hours on school work, and an hour of physical activity, leaving her about 5 hours of free time most days.

At this point, I’m happy with that. As she gets older and involved in more activities, this schedule will shift- less sleep, less free time, more time with school work. If I plug it all into a matrix, I’ll have an easier time seeing where the needed time can come from, or if there just isn’t any left! I like this idea, and I’ll definitely be posting more on it in the future. Stay tuned!

*This post is part of a challenge I accepted to write a 15-minute post every day for 30 days. Please excuse the lack of photos, editing, etc. ;)

Your turn: What does you scheduling system look like? Are you over scheduled or is your day a slow, comfortable pace? Any changes you feel you need to make? Let me know in the comments.

My Favorite Things About Homeschooling (for My Kids)

1. My kids are each other’s constant companions. Even when they’re fighting and bickering, they know they’re stuck with each other. A few minutes later when tempers are cooled, they’re best friends again. I hope that this means that when they’re older, they’ll remain close.

2. My kids get to bored. There is down time every day where they can do whatever they want. They get bored, but they find a remedy. They create, they pretend, they change the rules and start over. I hope this will help them grow into creative adults who think outside the box.

3. My kids see and experience how much work it is to run a household. They see me cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, planning lessons, gardening and shoveling snow. They help me do these things. I hope that this will make them able to take care of their own homes someday without the steep learning curve that I had.

4. My kids are learning to be healthy. We cook from scratch. We go for hikes. We get fresh air almost every day. We go to bed early and wake up when we’re not tired anymore. I hope that instilling these habits and making them a priority today will help them grow up to be healthy adults.

5. My kids are putting faith first. Our first lesson every day is our Bible lesson. We pray before meals and bed. We pray for forgiveness when we screw up. I hope this will help them grow into faithful adults who truly live their lives for Jesus.

*This post is part of a challenge I accepted to write a 15-minute post every day for 30 days. Please excuse the lack of editing, photos, etc. ;)

Homeschooling is a JOB, Self!

In yesterday’s quickie post, I wrote about how some people don’t understand that I have to treat homeschooling as a job. I need to prioritize my homeschooling time and protect my family’s homeschool schedule as best I can. Just because we’re at home doesn’t automatically mean we’re free.

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